Ode to a colossus


“The New Colossus” är en sonett av amerikanska poeten Emma Lazarus (1849-1887) som är graverad på fundamentet för Frihetsgudinnan. Philip Gredfors har inspirerats av sonenetten och skrivit en dikt.


Ode to a colossus


She said to us, to them and you
Give me your tired and your poor
Her call went far and so they came
They came from distant shores
They tilled the earth, they bore its fruits
And slept safe in her embrace


But now she slumbers deep herself
Like the princess of the thorns
A spell’s been cast on her and us
By forces dark, insidious

They claim to love her ever so
To justify their greed
Going on and on like priests of old
“Listen to our creed”In her name they start their wars
Expecting you to fight,
While they sit safe in towers high
Leaving other souls to bleed and die


These high and mighty bind her down
To keep her safe they say
But all the lies we know by heart
We will no longer be deceived


The world feels dark and hopeless now
No spring just endless fall
Yet she stirs amid a dream as she hears our call:
Please come back, we plead, we beg
By right of birth, you belong to all


Lets not wait for fated prince
That kiss long over due
Instead i say to all of you
Who are longing for her now
Lets break her chains and wake her up
And her light shall shine on all


Philip Gredfors

Malmö S-studenter


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